(Low-Mass) Star Formation in the Perseus complex

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Δρ. Tatiana Pavlidou (University of Vienna, Αυστρία)
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Αίθουσα Σεμιναρίων 2oυ & Online
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In this talk I will present a multiwavelength study of the star-forming region of Perseus. While its two main clusters, IC348 and NGC1333 have been well-studied in the past, a richer and more complex picture of this region has come to light thanks to Gaia DR2. Through my PhD work I discovered five additional stellar clusters associated with this complex. Using data from Gaia DR2, WISE, Planck and 2MASS, in the first part of my talk I will discuss the similarities and differences of the seven clusters of Perseus and present a potential star-formation scenario. In the second part I will present my current work using Herschel and Spitzer data aiming to identify the population of protostars of Perseus based on empirical photometric criteria and explore whether these sources are linked to hot corinos.