The Institute of  Astrophysics hosts a world-class center for polarimetric studies of point sources in the optical, featuring cutting-edge, innovative instruments, international collaborations with world-leading groups in Instrumentation, Observations, and Theory, and a wide variety of applications, including studies of extragalactic jets, the interstellar medium, binaries, transient-follow ups, and study and control of foregrounds in the study of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background. Current optopolarimetric programs running at Skinakas include PASIPHAE, RoboPol, and CIRCE/PHAESTOS.

Our polarimetric projects with colleagues at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University are partially supported by The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme for Science Technology and Innovation (GAPSTI) and in particular its  "Impact for Greece" part.

Selected results from our group:

  • Blinov D., Kiehlmann, S., Pavlidou V. Papadakis I. et al. “RoboPol: AGN polarimetric monitoring data” 2021, MNRAS, 501, 3715
  • Panopoulou, G.V., Tassis, K. Skalidis, R. et al. "Demonstration of Magnetic Field Tomography with Starlight Polarization toward a Diffuse Sightline of the ISM” 2019, ApJ, 872, 56
  • Tassis, K., Ramaprakash, A.N., Readhead, A.C.S et al. "PASIPHAE: A high-Galactic-latitude, high-accuracy optopolarimetric survey” 2018, arXiv:1810.05652