The Institute of  Astrophysics hosts a world-class center for polarimetric studies of point sources in the optical, featuring cutting-edge, innovative instruments, international collaborations with world-leading groups in Instrumentation, Observations, and Theory, and a wide variety of applications, including studies of extragalactic jets, the interstellar medium, binaries, transient-follow ups, and study and control of foregrounds in the study of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background. Current optopolarimetric programs running at Skinakas include PASIPHAE, RoboPol, and CIRCE/PHAESTOS.

Selected results from our group:

  • Blinov D., Pavlidou V. Papadakis I. et al. “RoboPol: RoboPol: first season rotations of optical polarization plane in blazars” 2015, MNRAS, 453, 1669
  • Panopoulou, G.V., Tassis, K. Skalidis, R. et al. "Demonstration of Magnetic Field Tomography with Starlight Polarization toward a Diffuse Sightline of the ISM” 2019, ApJ, 872, 56
  • Tassis, K., Ramaprakash, A.N., Readhead, A.C.S et al. "PASIPHAE: A high-Galactic-latitude, high-accuracy optopolarimetric survey” 2018, arXiv:1810.05652