The end fate of massive stars in binary systems

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Δρ. Μάνος Ζαπάρτας (University of Geneva, Ελβετία)
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Online seminar
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Many young massive stars, the progenitors of core-collapse supernovae and compact objects, are found in binary systems. Their binary interaction with a companion before the end of their life will affect their explosions as well as their possible subsequent evolution. I will discuss the effect of mass exchange (or even merging) on the theoretically expected properties of supernova progenitors, including the time of explosions, their surrounding environments and the rates of their observed type. I will look at these predictions from the perspective of the wealth of observational data from large transient surveys as well as from in-depth studies of nearby events. In addition, it is interesting to study the subsequent binary evolution or disruption after the collapse. By employing a combination of population synthesis techniques with sophisticated detailed binary models, I will focus on stars that collapse onto black holes, which may be observed as high-mass X-ray binaries, and whether their potential high core spin rates can give rise to long Gamma-Ray Bursts.