The members of the Institute of Astrophysics are able to attract competitive funding from various sources in order to support their research. We are proud to host, among our eight permanent researchers, two recipients of the highly competitive ERC Consolidator grands  (of the 3 that have been awarded in area of Astronomy in Greece). Since 2014 the members of the Institute have been awarded a total of 5.6 MEuros of new funding. A detailed list of all grands received since 2005 is listed bellow.

European Commission (FP7/H2020)
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
MSCA RISE Astrostat-II: Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2021 4 Zezas 220.800€
Erasmus+ Large Scientific Infrastructures enriching online and digital Learning 2021 2 Charmandaris 53.330€
H2020-INFRAIA-2018-2020 Opticon-Radionet Pilot 2021 4 Charmandaris 40.000€
ERC Consolidator Grant PASIPHAE: Polar-Area Stellar-Imaging in Polarization High-Accuracy Experiment 2018 5 Tassis 1.850.000€
MSCA Individual Fellowship ORIGAMI: The Origin of the Galactic Magnetic Field 2017 2 Ntormousi (Tassis) 150.000€
MSCA RISE Astrostat: Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2016 4 Zezas 279.000€
ERC Consolidator Grant A-BINGOS: Accreting binary populations in Nearby Galaxies: Observations and Simulations 2014 5 Zezas 1.250.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant JetPop: Unveiling the Physics of the Most Active of Galaxies: Using Blazars as Laboratories to Study Supermassive Black Holes and Relativistic Jets 2012 4 Pavlidou 100.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant SFOnset: Onset of Star Formation: Connecting Theory and Observations 2012 4 Tassis 100.000€
MCA People IRSES EUROCAL: The Physics of the Most Luminous Galaxies 2011 4 Charmandaris 171.000€
MCA REGPOT AstroSpace: Development of Space Astrophysics in Crete 2008 3 Kylafis 1.120.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant X-ray-Gal: X-ray studies of nearby galaxies 2008 4 Zezas 100.000€
eContentplus COSMOS: An advanced scientific repository for science teaching and learning 2007 2 Papamastorakis 148.500€
MCA Transfer of Knowledge ASTROCENTER 2006 4 Kylafis 546.500€
eTEN Programme eLearning Action Discovery Space 2005 2 Papamastorakis 219.500€
National Structural Funds
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
HFRI Discovery Space - Creating an innovative network for teaching astronomy to K-12 via remote access of the telescopes at Skinakas Observatory. 2021 2 Charmandaris 94.500€
HFRI European Pulsar Interior Composition Survey 2021 2 Antoniadis 194.440€
HFRI Magnetized galaxies through cosmic time: Simulating the galactic magnetic field across scales and epochs 2021 3 Ntormousi 154.400€
HFRI Cosmic rays at the highest energies 2020 3 Pavlidou 199.500€
IKY Galactic SNe Remnants: Exploring an unexploited treasure 2020 2 Leonidaki (Zezas) 26.400€
Interreg Greece-Cyprus GEOSTARS 2019 3 Zezas 410.000€
Excellence II Search for relativistic signatures in X-ray light curves of AGN 2013 2 Papadakis 134.000€
Postdoc Support Radio-based study of LIRGs in the GOALS sample 2012 3 Vardoulaki (Charmandaris) 160.000€
Excellence I RoboPol: Unveiling the Physics of Supermassive Black Holes and Relativistic Jets with Optical Polarization Observations of Blazars 2012 3 Pavlidou 330.000€
Thales The invisible side of SMBH formation and evolution 2012 3 Charmandaris 100.000€
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
ESTEC Contract Herschel Pipeline Support 2007 3 Charmandaris 271.000€
Private funds
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
FORTH Synergy Computational Intelligence for Multimodal Astrophysical Tomography 2021 2 Tassis 73.600€
FORTH Synergy Reconstructing the Magnetic field of the Milky way via Astrophysical Techniques and Numerical Simulations 2020 2 Pavlidou 80.000€
Stavros Niarchos Foundation The WALOP polarimeter 2017 4 Tassis 1.300.000€