The members of the Institute of Astrophysics are able to attract competitive funding from various sources in order to support their research. We are proud to host, among our 9 researchers, three recipients of the highly competitive ERC grands, of the 4 that have been awarded in the area of Universe Sciences (PE9) in Greece. From 2014 until October 2022 the members of the Institute have been awarded a total of ~14 MEuros of new funding. A detailed list of all grands received since 2005 is listed bellow, while a histogram is available here.

European Commission (FP7/H2020/HorizonEurope)
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
HORIZON-INFRA-DEV ARGOS: Designing a next-generation radio facility for multi-messenger astronomy 2023 3 Antoniadis 1.343.750€
DIGITAL-SIMPLE Deploying advanced national QCI systems and networks in Greece 2023 3 Charmandaris 39.630€
ERC Starting Grant SMILE: Search for Milli-lenses to discriminate between dark matter models 2022 5 Casadio 1.486.000€
MSCA RISE Astrostat-II: Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2021 4 Zezas 220.800€
Erasmus+ Large Scientific Infrastructures enriching online and digital Learning 2021 2 Charmandaris 53.330€
H2020-INFRAIA-2018-2020 Opticon-Radionet Pilot 2021 4 Charmandaris 40.000€
ERC Consolidator Grant PASIPHAE: Polar-Area Stellar-Imaging in Polarization High-Accuracy Experiment 2018 5 Tassis 1.850.000€
MSCA Individual Fellowship ORIGAMI: The Origin of the Galactic Magnetic Field 2017 2 Ntormousi (Tassis) 150.000€
MSCA RISE Astrostat: Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2016 4 Zezas 279.000€
ERC Consolidator Grant A-BINGOS: Accreting binary populations in Nearby Galaxies: Observations and Simulations 2014 5 Zezas 1.250.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant JetPop: Unveiling the Physics of the Most Active of Galaxies: Using Blazars as Laboratories to Study Supermassive Black Holes and Relativistic Jets 2012 4 Pavlidou 100.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant SFOnset: Onset of Star Formation: Connecting Theory and Observations 2012 4 Tassis 100.000€
MCA People IRSES EUROCAL: The Physics of the Most Luminous Galaxies 2011 4 Charmandaris 171.000€
MCA REGPOT AstroSpace: Development of Space Astrophysics in Crete 2008 3 Kylafis 1.120.000€
MSCA Reintegration Grant X-ray-Gal: X-ray studies of nearby galaxies 2008 4 Zezas 100.000€
eContentplus COSMOS: An advanced scientific repository for science teaching and learning 2007 2 Papamastorakis 148.500€
MCA Transfer of Knowledge ASTROCENTER 2006 4 Kylafis 546.500€
eTEN Programme eLearning Action Discovery Space 2005 2 Papamastorakis 219.500€
National Structural Funds
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
HFRI Stellar Feedback: Explosive, Radiative, Interacting, and Coalescing Stars in their Surroundings (SFERICSS) 2023 2 Zapartas 115.474€
HFRI The Extended Interstellar Medium of Extreme Galaxies (XTREME) 2022 3 Diaz Santos 199.840€
HFRI Discovery Space - Creating an innovative network for teaching astronomy to K-12 via remote access of the telescopes at Skinakas Observatory. 2021 2 Charmandaris 94.500€
HFRI European Pulsar Interior Composition Survey 2021 2 Antoniadis 194.440€
HFRI Magnetized galaxies through cosmic time: Simulating the galactic magnetic field across scales and epochs 2021 3 Ntormousi 154.400€
HFRI Reconstructing the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way via Astrophysical Techniques and Numerical Simulations 2021 3 Tsouros (Pavlidou) 29.700€
HFRI Cosmic rays at the highest energies 2020 3 Pavlidou 199.500€
IKY Galactic SNe Remnants: Exploring an unexploited treasure 2020 2 Leonidaki (Zezas) 26.400€
Interreg Greece-Cyprus GEOSTARS 2019 3 Zezas 410.000€
Excellence II Search for relativistic signatures in X-ray light curves of AGN 2013 2 Papadakis 134.000€
Postdoc Support Radio-based study of LIRGs in the GOALS sample 2012 3 Vardoulaki (Charmandaris) 160.000€
Excellence I RoboPol: Unveiling the Physics of Supermassive Black Holes and Relativistic Jets with Optical Polarization Observations of Blazars 2012 3 Pavlidou 330.000€
Thales The invisible side of SMBH formation and evolution 2012 3 Charmandaris 100.000€
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
EUC-PECS2021-01 CYprus models for Galaxies and their NUclear Spectra (CYGNUS+) 2023 2 Diaz Santos 40.488€
ESA/AO 1-11157/22 Skinakas upgrade to an OGS - Development 2023 2 Reig 177.256€
ESA/4000140646/23 SkinUp - Skinakas Upgrade to an OGS 2023 2 Charmandaris 239.616€
ESTEC Contract Herschel Pipeline Support 2007 3 Charmandaris 271.000€
Private funds
Type Title Start (year) Duration (years) PI Amount (Euros)
Greece 2021 A new 1.0m optical telescope at Skinakas Observatory 2022 2 Charmandaris 410.000€
FORTH Synergy Computational Intelligence for Multimodal Astrophysical Tomography 2021 2 Tassis 73.600€
FORTH Synergy Reconstructing the Magnetic field of the Milky way via Astrophysical Techniques and Numerical Simulations 2020 2 Pavlidou 80.000€
Stavros Niarchos Foundation The WALOP polarimeter 2017 6 Tassis 1.300.000€