The organizational structure of IA-FORTH is presented in the figure to the right.structure_en

As of March 6, 2019 Director of the Institute is Vassilis Charmandaris. Since June 18, 2021 the Deputy Director is Vasiliki Pavlidou.

The current Scientific Council of the Institute was formed on April 24, 2023 and consists of:

The External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) of IA plays a crucial role in the strategic development of the Institute. Its current members were approved by the GC of FORTH on April 24, 2023 and are:

  • Paola Caselli, Director Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics  (Germany)
  • George Helou, Executive Director IPAC/Caltech (USA)
  • Sera Markoff, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, Amsterdam University (The Netherlands)
  • Kallia Petraki, Professor of Theoretical Physics, École Normale Supérieure (France)
  • Jason Spyromilio, Senior Astronomer, ESO (Germany)

Past members of the ESAC were Roger Blandford (2019-2023) and Michiel Van der Klis (2019-2023).

Another version of the organizational structure of IA is available here.