Neutrino-emitting blazars probed by high-resolution and high-energy observations

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Dr. Alexander Plavin (Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia)
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Online Seminar
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Abstract :

Multimessenger studies of blazars combine electromagnetic emission of a wide energy range, and neutrino detections up to petaelectronvolts. In this talk, I'll demonstrate the synergy of the highest-resolution observations in the radio band and higher-energy electromagnetic observations, and how they help study sources of IceCube neutrinos. New insights on neutrino production in blazars will be presented, highlighting the role of EM observations in these results.

Short bio:
Alexander Plavin, recent PhD graduate (2022) from Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow. Research focus - central parsecs of active galactic nuclei where jets are formed and accelerated. Studying these regions with methods of multimessenger astronomy: radio single-dish and interferometric observations, optical, high-energy, and neutrino observations.