Modelling interacting supernova spectra with SuperLite

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Dr. Gururaj Wagle (Louisiana State University, USA)
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2nd Floor Seminar Room
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Abstract :

A new class of Super Luminous Supernovae (SLSNe) imply strong supernova ejecta - circumstellar material interactions (CSI) that cause narrow emission lines in the spectra. SuperLite is an enhanced version of the Monte Carlo radiation transport code SuperNu. SuperLite is designed to post-process supernova spectra with an emphasis on the supernovae powered by the CSI. SuperLite includes transport equations corrected for non-homologous expansion, which are not constrained by the Sobolev approximation. It also includes an optional nebular approximation treatment for solving the ionization balance. In addition, a full treatment for non-LTE is currently being implemented for hydrogen and helium species. The code will also include the effects of anisotropic electron scattering and shock illumination. The code has been tested to reproduce spectra in the homologous limit of SN type Ia and for typical SN type II-P/n at various stages of evolution. We plan to use SuperLite code to predict and benchmark the spectra for SN type II-n and SLSNe.