Periodic Fast Radio Bursts from X-ray binaries

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Mr. Navin Sridhar (Columbia University, USA)
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Online seminar
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Abstract :

The discovery of periodicity in the arrival times of the FRBs poses a potential challenge to the oft studied magnetar scenarios. However, models which postulate that FRB emission results from synchrotron maser instability at relativistic magnetized shocks, or magnetic reconnection in a striped outflow, are not necessarily specific to magnetar engines, instead requiring only the impulsive injection of relativistic energy into a dense magnetized medium. Motivated thus, I will outline a new scenario in which FRBs are powered by relativistic, flaring jets from accreting compact objects. In order to reproduce the most luminous FRBs and rates, we are driven to systems undergoing super-Eddington mass transfer, similar to those which characterize ultra-luminous X-ray (ULX) sources. This channel not only has the potential to explain the burst and host properties of the periodically repeating population of FRBs, but also provides testable predictions their temporal variations and multi-wavelength counterparts.