Into the Dark: The Role of Dust in Shaping Galaxy Evolution

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Dr. Jed McKinney (Department of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin, US )
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Astrophysical dust makes up less than 1% of the mass in galaxies but plays a disproportionate role in their evolution. My research focuses on dust both as lens through which to chart galaxy evolution, and also as a key ingredient in multi-scale astrophysical processes. In this talk I will highlight projects using JWST, ALMA and observations across the EM spectrum to uncover early dust-obscured galaxies in the first ~1 Gyr of galaxy formation,  and then characterize the role that dust plays in star-formation. I will use these programs to discuss the following: Do we have a representative census of star-formation across cosmic time? Where and how do the first dust reservoirs grow? Is dust fundamentally the same at all cosmic epochs? Finally, I will comment on the capabilities needed in future infrared facilities to fully answer these questions.