Tersenov Andreas

PhD Student
Supervisor : Pavlidou, Starck
Period : 2023 - present

E-mail : atersenov@physics.uoc.gr
Phone : (+30) 2810 39-4166
Office : 108β Physics Bldg
Education :

Andreas Tersenov obtained his BSc in Physics in 2022 and his MSc in Advanced Physics with specialization in Astrophysics & Space Physics in 2023, both at the University of Crete. Since the August of 2023 he is a PhD student at the University of Crete, under the supervision of Dr. J.L. Starck, Dr. M. Kilbinger and Prof. V. Pavlidou.

Career :

During his undergraduate studies, he worked on Cosmic-ray phenomenology and completed his senior thesis entitled “Cosmic-ray air-shower simulations across the ankle: Combining mixed Galactic composition with new physics above 50 TeV”, under the supervision of Prof. V. Pavlidou. He also worked with Professor E. Kiritsis on a project on “Holographic RG flows on deformed 3-sphere”. For his MSc, he worked in weak-lensing cosmology, completing his MSc thesis entitled “Comparison of mass-mapping techniques using weak gravitational lensing. Application to the UNIONS galaxy survey”, under the supervision of Dr. J.L. Starck and Prof. V. Pavlidou. For his PhD studies, he is working on developing data-driven approaches for the reconstruction of weak-lensing mass maps and the analysis of large-scale datasets, including ones acquired by the Euclid satellite, as a member of the TITAN project.

Interests :

Weak-lensing cosmology; statistical inference; deep learning; convergence map reconstruction; higher order statistics; image processing