Papadaki Katerina

Katerina Papadaki

MSc Student
Supervisor : Pavlidou
Period : 2020 - present

E-mail :
Office : 109Β Physics Bldg
Education :

Katerina Papadaki completed her BSc in Physics at the University of Crete in 2019 and continues her studies at the MSc programme Advanced Physics.

Career :

The last year of her undergraduate studies she collaborated with the research group of Prof. George Tsironis, in the project of chaotic timeseries prediction using Recurrent Neural Networks. Her master’s thesis with title “Modeling of Speech Signals using Recurrent Neural Networks”, was completed under the supervision of Dr. Yannis Pantazis. Since December of 2020, she collaborates with Prof. Vasiliki Pavlidou for the analysis of optopolarimetric observations with statistical and Machine Learning tools.

Interests :

Astrophysics, Non-Linear Dynamics, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning