Fernández Aranda Román

Roman Fernandez
PhD Student
Supervisor : Diaz Santos
Period : 2021 - present

E-mail : rfernandez@physics.uoc.gr
Phone : (+30) 2810 39-4256
Office : 230, Physics Bldg
Education :

Román Fernández Aranda obtained his BSc in Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) in 2019 and the MSc in Astrophysics at the same university in 2020. 

Career :

In 2020 he attended an internship at the European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC) of ESA in Spain. He joined the Institute of Astrophysics in January 2021 as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Tanio Diaz Santos.


Interests :

Observational astronomy; Galaxy evolution and properties at low and high redshift; AGNs and quasars; Interstellar medium and star formation in galaxies.