Astronomy Summer School

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During the week of 2-8 July 2022, under the auspices of LaScil, an Erasmus+ project, and HFRI D-Space project, the Institute of Astrophysics is hosting two summer schools aimed towards teachers in the K-12 level who wish to use astronomy as tool to introduce science education to their classrooms. The schools include presentations followed by practical sessions and workshops focusing on:

  • Introducing ways to support science teachers in implementing high quality lessons from a distance which can keep their students motivated to participate and sustain or even increase their science motivation and fascination
  • Offering equal opportunities to different types of learners throughout this challenging period due to covid-19 restrictions
  • Offering to teachers a set of high-quality digital tools and open educational resources tailored to the school curricula to support their work
  • Adopting methods from project-based learning that are known to increase students’ science motivation to online and distance learning to support a more inclusive teaching approach enriched with authentic science learning experiences
  • Drawing examples, tools, methodologies, and good practices from the scientific enterprise and transferring them to education in order to support teachers’ digital readiness