Properties and Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei in Galaxy Clusters

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Dr. Elias Koulouridis (IAASARS, National Observatory of Athens)
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Since the discovery that all massive galaxies in the local Universe host a central super massive black hole (SMBH) with a mass proportional to that of the galaxy spheroid, the study of SMBHs and Active galactic Nuclei (AGNs) remains a lively topic in modern astrophysics. There is compelling evidence that the presence of AGNs is closely linked to the small- and large-scale environments. Galaxy clusters, being the most massive self-gravitating entities in the Universe, are ideal laboratories to investigate the impact of the environment on AGN demographics. The AGN fraction in clusters was found to depend on the distance from the cluster centre, the mass of the cluster and the redshift. In this talk, I will focus on recent developments in the field, which emerged from space observatories and ground-based facilities.