Tsouros Alexandros

Alexandros Tsouros
PhD Student
Supervisor : Pavlidou
Period : 2020 - present

E-mail : tsouros@physics.uoc.gr
Phone : (+30) 2810 39-4232
Office : 230 Physics Bldg
Education :

Alexandros Tsouros completed his BSc in Physics from the Univ. of Crete in 2019 as a valedictorian in his class. His undergraduate thesis was entitled "de Sitter versus Anti de Sitter flows and the (super) gravity landscape" and was performed under the supervision of Prof. E. Kiritsis. He then moved to Oxford University from where he was awarded an MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics in June 2020. 

Career :

Alexandros Tsouros joined the Institute of Astrophysics as a PhD student in August 2020 to work under the supervision of Prof. V. Pavlidou. In 2021 he was awarded a fellowship from the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation towards the completion of his thesis entitled "Reconstructing the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way via Astrophysical Techniques and Numerical Simulations", being ranked 1st in Greece in the field of Natural Sciences.

Interests :

Theoretical astrophysics, studying the magnetic field of our Galaxy.