Astrophysical Signals of strong dark matter self-interactions

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καθ. Haibo Yu (UC Riverside, ΗΠΑ)
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Αίθουσα Σεμιναρίων 2oυ & Online
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If dark matter particles have strong self-interactions, dark
matter halos could experience gravothermal expansion and collapse, yielding
diverse density profiles in galaxies. In this talk, I will show that
self-interacting dark matter can provide a compelling explanation to dark
matter distributions in spiral galaxies, satellite galaxies of the Milky
Way, newly-discovered ultra-diffuse galaxies, and cluster clusters. I will
also discuss a mechanism, where a self-interacting dark matter halo
collapses into a seed for supermassive black holes, as well as its
observational tests.

Bio: Yu obtained his PhD in 2007 from University of Maryland. He was a
postdoctoral researcher at University of California Irvine and University
of Michigan. Since 3013, Yu has been a faculty member at University of
California Riverside. During his PhD study, Yu worked on theoretical
particle physics, in particular, neutrino physics. Over the past 10 years,
Yu has mainly worked on astrophysical probes of particle dark matter, using
tools of semi-analytical methods and high-resolution N-body simulations.