Characterizing the interstellar medium conditions of low mass, low metallicity star-forming galaxies at Cosmic Noon

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Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Lopez (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)
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In this talk, I will present the results of an ongoing campaign to measure and constrain the molecular gas and dust content in a sample of optically bright gravitational lensed galaxies. According to scaling relations obtained using more massive star-forming galaxies at similar redshifts, our selection appears to be gas-deficient. I will discuss if we can reconcile these results within the galaxy evolution framework and explore the possibility that our methods to estimate molecular gas do not apply to the more typical low-mass population of galaxies at Comic Noon. Finally, I will show our work to characterize further some particular targets, where multiwavelength analysis allows us to reveal the ISM and CGM properties in sub-kpc scales.