Astronomy Education


Historically, Astronomy is the first of the natural sciences with a profound impact in the development of new technologies in order to solve practical problems, such as the flow of time, as well as answer fundamental and cultural questions, such as what is our place in the Universe and whether life exists elsewhere. As a result, astronomy can be used not only to inspire the next generation but also to help all of us develop critical thinking and understand the importance of science and technology in the advancement of our civilization. 

The members of the Institute of Astrophysics are committed to offer the local expertise in astronomy in the development of astronomy based hands-on exercises, and small research projects and experiments targeting students of elementary and secondary schools. In close collaboration with select schools of Greece, including Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Athens and  Pagkritio in Heraklion, we participate in national and EC funded projects with astronomy education as the main focus.