Skalidis Raphael

PhD Student
Supervisor : Tassis
Period : 2018 - present

E-mail :
Phone : (+30) 2810 39-4232
Office : 230, Physics Bldg
Education :

Raphael Skalidis obtained his BSc in Physics at the University of Crete 2016 and his MSc in astrophysics from the same university in 2018.

Career :

He is a Ph.D. student at the Dept. of Physics and the Institute of Astrophysics since 2018. In spring 2019 he was a visiting student at the California Institute of Technology. During the fall of 2019 he received the best PhD student award by the "Friends of FORTH".

Interests :

Star formation; magnetic fields; magnetohydrodynamics; optopolarimetric observations of the diffuse interstellar medium; cosmic microwave foreground subtraction. His thesis work mainly focuses in the characterising the properties of the Galactic magnetic field and the magnetohydrodynamic turbulence of the interstellar medium through optical polarization. He is also interested in the cosmic microwave foreground subtraction.