Litos Christos

Undergraduate Student
Supervisor : Pavlidou
Period : 2021 - present

E-mail :
Education :

Christos Litos graduated from the 2nd high school of Naousa, Imathia in 2018. In the same year, he joined the Department of Physics of the University of Crete as an undergraduate student.

Career :

In the August of 2020, he started working on his senior thesis with Prof. Elias Kiritsis entitled "Holographic Theories defined on a squashed 3 dimensional sphere". In 2021, he started working with Prof. Vasiliki Pavlidou on the study of phenomena beyond the standard model of particle physics that are detected through interactions of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with the atmosphere.

Interests :

Cosmology, Particle Physics, High Energy Astrophysics, String Theory with special interests in the Holographic Correspondence.