Kypriotakis John

Yannis Kypriotakis
PhD Student
Supervisor : Tassis
Period : 2017 - present

E-mail :
Phone : (+30) 2810 39-4233
Office : 233, Physics Bldg
Education :

John Andrew Kypriotakis was born in 1995. He obtained his BSc in Physics at the University of Crete in 2017 and is pursuing his PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the same university since 2017.

Career :

As an undergraduate student he performed research at the Polarization Spectroscopy Lab of IESL/FORTH (2014-2015) and with the Astrophysics Group of the Dept. of Physics (2016-17). Since 2017 he is a PhD student at the Dept. of Physics and the Institute of Astrophysics working on the instrumentation of the PASIPHAE project.

Interests :

Supernova Remnants, Pulsars (High-Energy), Polarimetry, Astronomical Methods and Instrumentation