Hubble Fellowship to Raphael Skalidis

Skalidis Announcement Date : 

The Institute of Astrophysics is thrilled to share with the wonderful news that Raphael Skalidis, who did all his studies at the Dept. of Physics Univ. of Crete (B.Sc. 2016, M.Sc. 2018, Ph.D. 2022) and completed his MSc and PhD research at IA-FORTH under the supervision of Prof. Kostas Tassis,  has been awarded the prestigious and highly competitive NASA Hubble postdoctoral fellowship to continue his research for the next three years at Caltech.

As it is described in the NASA press release "The research [of Raphael] focuses on the interstellar medium (ISM). Observatories such as LOFAR and the Planck satellite have revealed that a coherent magnetic field permeates the different phases of the ISM, challenging some common conceptions. As a Hubble Fellow, Raphael aims to develop theories about the role of magnetic fields in shaping the multiphase ISM. He will follow a multifaceted approach that will include comparisons between synthetic data and observations, analytical calculations, and numerical simulations. Raphael’s research promises to advance our knowledge of the magnetized ISM which is critical for understanding galaxy evolution and star formation."

Raphael has already been recognised for his research results. In 2019 he received the award for the best PhD student from the Friends of FORTH, in 2023 the award for the best PhD thesis from the Hellenic Astronomical Society, and in the same year the corresponding award from the international scientific journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics". In a few weeks he’ll also receive the best PhD award of the Univ. of Crete across all disciplines (the award ceremony was announced a couple of months ago and it was postponed).

All members of IA-FORTH congratulate Raphael for this important accomplishment and him continued success in the golden state and beyond.