Challenges in Infrared Extragalactic Astrophysics
15 - 18 September 2008
Aldemar Knossos Royal Village, Crete, Greece


"If you are not prepared for the unexpected you will never discover it" - Heraclitus

The scope of this 3.5 day workshop is to bring together a small number of experts (less than 40) on infrared extragalactic astrophysics to discuss the outstanding questions in the field as well as how planned experiments using future facilities may address them. Emphasis will be given on how one can apply the knowledge derived from studies of the local universe to understand the properties of galaxies at higher redshifts.

The workshop will consist of ~25 invited talks each ~40min in length with 10 additional minutes for discussion.

There will be no contributed talks but there will be opportunity for posters and a dedicated poster session.

Funding for the workshop is provided by the European Union 7th Framework Programme, as well as by CEA/Saclay. We should be able to cover the accommodation expenses for 4 nights to ~25 participants who need it.


Final Workshop Program Thu. 11 Sep.

Organizing Commitee
L. Armus, V. Charmandaris, D. Elbaz, N. Kylafis

The venue of the workshop is Crete the biggest island of Greece. It will take place from Monday Sept. 15 2008, until Thursday Sept. 18, 2008 at the Conference Center of the Aldemar Knossos Royal Village, which is located along the north sea-front of the island just 20km east of the city of Heraklion. Detailed information on how to reach the workshop location are available here.

Registration Deadline
Please ensure that you complete your hotel reservation form (availabe as a [Word] and [PDF] file) and mail or fax it to the hotel by July 15 2008.

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